Sarah Lyn

Sarah Lyn – SOLD OUT

Sarah Lyn is currently sold out for vinyl doll kits.
She is 18 – 19 inches long and has 3/4 arms and legs.
Sarah is a limited edition doll and only 500 kits will be available.

Sarah Lyn’s Doll Kit is sold out. Also included in Sarah Lyn’s kit will be a hand-signed numbered certificate of authenticity.

  • NOTE: All previous pre-order fee of $30 is non-refundable

The First 100 Dolls will be hand-signed.

The total Payment for the Sarah Lyn Doll Kit will be $79.99 CND+ Shipping.

We are now all SOLD out, watch this site for future kits/dolls from Me. Sign up for the mailing list to know when I am selling another!

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