The Artist

Born and raised in Ontario, Sherry Rawn has been passionate about art from a very young age, having experimented with sketching, oil painting, wooden art, and sculpting. Her personality and creativity are beautifully expressed in the pieces she creates through their many lovable expressions.

Her journey as a sculptor began in 1993 when she began to experiment with pottery clay, sculpting dolls in earnest. Her first challenge was to sculpt dolls modeled after her parents, based on an old portrait—a daunting task for a beginner. Finding the process very time consuming, with a great deal of trial and error, and having limited resources with which to work, Sherry put sculpting aside for awhile and went to work full-time in a factory. But she never let go of her dream of sculpting beautiful dolls.

In 2004, Sherry stumbled upon a page on eBay that sold “One Of a Kind Babies” (OOAK) made from Polymer clay. This sparked the reawakening of Sherry’s passion for sculpting and started her on the path that would lead to her new career, and the realization of her dream of being a doll sculptor. She was determined to create beautiful and lovable babies that would be displayed and cherished by people all around the world, and her determination brought success in the way of selling OOAK babies on eBay for almost two years as she strived to improve with every new creation.

Finding success, support and encouragement, it was not long before Sherry was able to quit her job and commit herself to sculpting full-time. Sherry is so grateful to all the doll collectors around the world who have supported her journey by buying her creations and passing along their kind words of encouragement with each and every new doll she created. To be able to touch peoples’ hearts through her creations has been immensely rewarding and continues to drive her to create beautiful babies for others to love.

Sherry is currently sculpting dolls for Ashton Drake Galleries and has sculpted different mini doll series since February 2007.  She also sculpts doll kits for reborn artists worldwide to paint and finish to their liking.

From Sherry: “Thank you to my family. I never would have been able to realize my dream without the love, support and patience of my sons Rob and Dave, grandson Quinn and my granddaughters Sienna and Leila. You inspire me. I love you all with all my heart.”